The Band Plays On

(short story)

by Theda Black


ISBN #9781622340026


(1912 words) available at Forbidden Fiction

 (link not safe for work)

also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords






They’d met two months ago in Los Angeles—Slater was at the Toxicity Club, busy drowning in a toilet at two in the morning after a ninety minute set and too much liquor and blow. Jonah had fished him out.

Jonah wasn't into guys, but Slater was the exception to everything.




At least the world was full of women. And yet, incredibly, here he was on his back on Slater’s shitty sheetless mattress with Slater’s dick up his ass. Talk about burning holes.

 “Remember that threesome you refused me on at Dante’s party? With uh—shit, what’s her name—fuck it, it isn’t important. The point is the threesome wasn’t the point. I had an ulterior motive. Wanted to see your dick, man,” Slater said. “Make sure you measure up, you know?”

 Jonah raised a brow. “You’re a cock snob? Huh.” He drove his hips up. The burn spread and smoothed out, something good just beneath it. “Surprised you didn’t just ask if you wanted a look.”

 Slater grunted, sinking further inside Jonah’s ass. “Knew you’d freak out. Prudence Everhart couldn’t wrap his head around a threesome, now could he?”

 “Bitch. To think I was played,” Jonah said dryly. “And now you’ve got me. I’ll never be able to turn back once I’ve had a taste of the beast. Is that the idea?”

Slater dug his feet into the mattress and shoved his dick in deep in response. He hit just right, and Jonah groaned, his cock spurting a little precome onto his stomach.

 “Sarcasm is the sign of a weak intellect or some such bullshit, and if you think you can shrivel my manhood with mere words you are talking to the wrong cock,” Slater panted. He brushed his lips over Jonah’s.

 Jonah turned away. “Whoa, cowboy. I did not agree to kiss. That’s like what, the Final Frontier or something.”

 “You didn’t say I could fuck you either, but—” Slater pointed out, and Jonah finished with him, “—here we are.”





The story is also available in the anthology, TOUCHED BY DEATH (NSFW) ISBN #9781622340422, from Forbidden Fiction, and also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords












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