I'm a geek and a writer. I love comic books, classic movie monsters, sexed-up campers pursued by mass murderers, never-ending love, pulp fiction, science fiction, horror, porn, cowboys, cops, spaceships, implausible settings and good characterization. Also long walks on the beach. I write under two pseudonyms.






alternative LGBT romance

Theda's stories are about men in love with other men, but she's not your usual romance writer. She's interested in edgy situations, intense relationships, passionate events and no safety nets. She explores the emotional and sometimes physical limits of her characters, particularly involving what they can and will endure for the sake of love. Often that involves darker story lines than normal.


And dark is where Klaudia comes in.



horror, fairy tales and erotica

Klaudia writes alternative, dark, gothic, sensual horror. She doesn't shy away from sex and gore, but she's more interested in the psychological side of horror - getting into the charactersí heads and seeing how much fortitude they've got, what makes them break and what makes them brave.


Which really isn't that far from Theda, after all.




cover art by Sonja Triebel